Case Study #3 – Sally (Beauty Salon)

Beauty does not require pain. Meet Sally*. The owner of a beauty salon, Sally enjoys the art of accentuating one’s feminine beauty. She relishes in the creativity behind the process of beautifying her clients. More importantly, she believes that helping other people look their best is her vocation. Sally considers herself extremely fortunate to run a […]

Case Study #2 – Bob (Builder)

BOB THE BUILDER Here’s the story of Bob* the builder. Bob is one of our favourite stories that we feel embody how PAQ intends to save the world through bookkeeping. Your average man with a vision and a love for building things, Bob decided to work on a start up of his own. Eventually, with some […]

Case Study #1 – Anthony (SME) – Catch Up Bookkeeping

How we helped a client catch up on over a YEARS-WORTH OF BOOKKEEPING IN LESS THAN A MONTH, and SAVE THEM MONEY in the process.   How Anthony Started Anthony* is your typical small business owner. The type that absolutely loves what he does,but does not give much of a care about much else, ESPECIALLY […]

How to Catch-up on your Bookkeeping?

You started your business because you have a special gift that makes you really good at what you do. But like every small business owner quickly finds out, managing your business takes almost as much time, as the time you get to do the things you actually enjoy doing to grow your business. As tempting […]

What happens if you don’t do Bookkeeping?

Would you rather spend a Friday night in catching up on your company’s bookkeeping or would you much rather be spending a well deserved night out with your friends and family? Or you could also be staying in to watch Netflix & Chill with a glass of wine (like we would)? The answer is pretty […]

2 Xero Tools To Improve Your Operations

Have you ever felt lost as update progresses and feel like you are getting left behind? You’re not alone! With so much information these days, it does get difficult to sieve through what is MOST important to you at this current point in time. Let’s cut to the chase then, shall we? Here are 2 […]