Case Study #3 – Sally (Beauty Salon)

Beauty does not require pain.

Meet Sally*. The owner of a beauty salon, Sally enjoys the art of accentuating one’s feminine beauty. She relishes in the creativity behind the process of beautifying her clients. More importantly, she believes that helping other people look their best is her vocation.
Sally considers herself extremely fortunate to run a business in an industry close to her heart.
Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash
Sally’s business keeps her busy and and she finds that she is successful enough to make her passion into her career.
Like many other people, Sally opted to do her bookkeeping herself.
Unfortunately, like many other people, Sally was not quite successful at this.
Initially, she believed that being able to run her own business equipped her for the task of bookkeeping. Despite being the pillar of a successful business, bookkeeping is a completely different beast altogether.
Imagine Sally’s shock when the authorities contacted her, informing her of a hefty penalty fee.
She had been thinking the entire time that she was doing a good job with her books; that she was coping well with running a booming business and that bookkeeping was a skill that she could teach herself as she went along.
Unfortunately, her attempt had serious repercussions. She was being penalised by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).
While looking for a solution to her bookkeeping related troubles, Sally stumbled upon us. Upon hearing her case, we agreed to take her on as a client as we were confident that we could help her.
And help we did.
With our team in her employ, we managed to update her bookkeeping as quickly as we could. Even better, we also aided her in avoiding her penalty.
PAQ aims for not only getting the job done, but also going above and over to ensure your satisfaction. There is no better happiness than that of a job done well.
*name changed to protect identity

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