Case Study #1 – Anthony (SME) – Catch Up Bookkeeping

How we helped a client catch up on over a YEARS-WORTH OF BOOKKEEPING IN LESS THAN A MONTH, and SAVE THEM MONEY in the process.

How Anthony Started
Anthony* is your typical small business owner. The type that absolutely loves what he does,
but does not give much of a care about much else, ESPECIALLY not bookkeeping.
When Anthony first started his business, he did not really plan on growing too fast, as he
wanted to ‘take it slow’. He wanted to go to work, come back after 6pm and spend some
quality time with his family. Things are starting to look great! The plan has been set, and
business is ready to take-off, slowly.
As anyone who has been in business can relate to, there will always be unexpected events
and uncertainties, that can have an impact on your business. Lucky for Anthony, his small
business is about to take the ride of his life..
The Spike
Before Anthony knew it, his business was buzzing in the first two months of opening. Orders
coming in, hiring new staff was now priority, revenue growing at a rapid pace..
“How am I going to manage it all?”, he asked himself. This is usually the point of
intersection that separates an average outcome, and a great outcome. Unfortunately, for
Anthony, he was not going to manage it..
Even worse? He was going to sweep it under the rug.
Days became months, and before Anthony knew it, his business has gotten to the point
where he needed to obtain some additional funding. “This is going to be easy”, he thought
to himself. “The business is growing at a rapid pace, my list of invoices is growing by the
month and I am making more money than I ever have”.
A sudden thought came up to his mind then, “why is it then that my cash at the bank not
reflecting of that growth?”. Anthony shrugs off that thought and continues to the bank.
Wake Up Call
As Anthony is talking to his assigned banker, everything is all rosy at the start. Anthony tells
the banker about how his business has grown exponentially, and he now needs to fund it so
he is able to continue to expand.
The banker then proceeded to ask, “Anthony, that sounds perfect. We would love to assist a
small growing business like yourself. Can you please send us through your 6-month
financials, Business Activity Statements (BAS) lodged to date and also your cash flow
projections over the next 6 months?”. Anthony froze. “What is a business activity
statement?”, Anthony asked.
The banker is not impressed. Turns out, upon deeper conversation, Anthony has not
lodged any BAS’ since he first started, has no proper accounting system in place and even
worse, does not know his businesses true financial position.
Needless to say, Anthony did not get the loan.
How PAQ Group came into the picture
Anthony jumped online on Google and stumbled upon PAQ Group. Upon his first free
consultation, he knew he was going to be taken care of.
Within a month of providing all documents, we were able to not only assist Anthony with his
bookkeeping, but also liaise with his preferred bank and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)
as well.
By working with us, he was able to obtain:
  •  Absolute certainty that he was in the right hands
  • Have his interest and penalty charges waived for late lodgements and payments
  • A proactive firm that assisted Anthony provide documents to his banks
  • Understanding of his businesses financial position
At PAQ, we have your best interest at heart. From the beginning, we take the time to
understand more about you and your business, so we are able to tailor our service to suit
your specific needs.
Most new small business owners fall into the trap of trying to do everything themselves, just
like Anthony. By working with a trusted brand at an affordable price, these business owners
can save themselves thousands of dollars in both time and money. More importantly? They
can go back to what they do best, and know for sure that their bookkeeping is really taken
care of, forever.
These are some of the benefits of working with us:
100% Risk-Free Guarantee
If you are not happy with your initial experience with us, you can get your money back. If
there has been an error on our part, we will rectify at no additional charge.
Fully-Compliant Books
You can be assured that your bookkeeping is up-to-date and all lodgements are lodged on-
time, every-time.
Quick Turnaround & Response Time
You can expect a response to your request in less than 24 hours.
Ready to make the switch?
Are you ready to commence your stress-free bookkeeping and payroll experience? Ready
when you are.
* Client name has been changed for confidentiality purposes