Case Study #2 – Bob (Builder)


Here’s the story of Bob* the builder. Bob is one of our favourite stories that we feel embody how PAQ intends to save the world through bookkeeping.
Your average man with a vision and a love for building things, Bob decided to work on a start up of his own. Eventually, with some perseverance, his business took off and Bob became a pretty popular man in his industry. Naturally, because of this, Bob found that he rarely had the time or inclination to do his bookkeeping. Like most people, Bob would rather focus on the more practical and hands-on part of his work.
Photo by Henry & Co. on Unsplash
Eventually, due to cash flow issues caused by Bob’s lack of expertise in bookkeeping, Bob found it difficult to keep up with payments for initial building materials. This was bad news because those were things he needed for his business. Bob decided to look into his books and try to keep them organised. Soon, however, he found that he was unable to keep track of things such as keeping tabs on people who owed him money.
Bob began to intensely feel the stress and frustration many associate with bookkeeping.
But this story has a happy ending! Bob found his way to us and employed us to do the worrying for him. Fortunately, as we are comprised of professionals who are trained and certified to do these things, we found that the problems he had were the problems we could solve. We helped Bob reconcile his accounts and assisted to create an easy to maintain debt collection system for his convenience.
Now Bob has more time to focus on his priorities – like growing his business.
Bob’s experience with us is exactly what we want for all of our clients. There’s nothing we like better than a success story and pride in a job well done.
*name changed to protect identity

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