Everything You Need To Know About Single Touch Payroll (STP)

You’ve probably seen Single Touch Payroll (STP) now and then in our communications, but what is it really? We’ve all been informed that it’s an implementation that will change the way businesses report their pay as you go (PAYG) tax and superannuation information to the Australian Tax Office (ATO), but questions still prevail. This article will hopefully […]

Are You Issuing Payslips Correctly?: How To Generate Them

On a basic level, payslips are documents provided from an employer to an employee that outlines how much an employee has earned, how much tax was withheld from the employee, and how much superannuation the employee is entitled to.  Payslips are a compulsory document that have to be provided to employees within one working day […]

The Only 3 Reports You Need to Assess Your Business Performance

Entrepreneurs are a busy breed. Being always on-the-go and ready for the next project, client, innovation and so on.. What this will mean is that they will take less time to review their financials.  However, this lack of understanding may actually work against the busy-preneur as they will continue working ‘in-the-business’ and soon realize down […]

Why are your JobKeeper Payments delayed?

Most employees do not experience issues with their JobKeeper payments. Other than the lodgement of the March BAS (Business Activity Statement), CashFlow Boost payments flow to about 80% of employers without requiring human intervention. The ATO (Australian Taxation Office) sends payment requests to the Reserve Bank daily. So why the delay?   JOBSEEKER – Sole […]

End of Financial Year

Here it is: 1. You should prepare a summary of all your income and expenses through a profit and loss statement. A profit and loss statement helps you determine how much profit you’re making or losing and aids in developing sales targets as well as prices that are appropriate for your goods or services. By […]

What is Payroll?

If you’re growing your business from the ground up, it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually take on extra pairs of hands when things get busy. And if you hire new people you’ll need to pay them – this is where payroll comes in. But what does payroll mean and what does it involve? In this blog post […]

How to Catch-up on your Bookkeeping?

You started your business because you have a special gift that makes you really good at what you do. But like every small business owner quickly finds out, managing your business takes almost as much time, as the time you get to do the things you actually enjoy doing to grow your business. As tempting […]