Mindset – collaborate, innovate, LEAD

By shifting your focus from one of fear, to one of resourcefulness and resilience, you start to tap into your genius to tackle any problem that gets in your way. This is the time to be collaborating with other businesses, and creating more value for the customer than ever before. By forming partnerships with non-competing businesses to […]

Advantages of Policies

Policies are meant to described or defined a companies’ standards and expected behaviours including work expectations. Policies gives employers the power to implement and state what they feel their company values are and how employees should behave. It sets the tone for creating the right attitudes, behaviours, decision making, values and ethics. So why is it that so […]

Challenges of Small Businesses

One of the biggest challenges surrounding small businesses is how to create a strong internal culture, employee engagement and of course, retaining employees. Being small means the business owners are hands-on as well as having to be strategic and focus on growing their business! It is important to hire the right people with the right technical […]

Change Management

Re-structuring, changing system or implementing a new system is always a challenge to management and employees. Staff and management are used to and familiar with the current systems and they can breeze through their work quickly. New systems require training and getting used to and may take quite a while for the employees to get used […]

Effective Terminations

Terminations can be stressful for all parties involved including the employee, management and the team. It is imperative that terminations are handled discreetly and in the most dignified manner. Employees will be looking at how the process is being managed, which will have an impact on productivity and the workplace culture.  There are several reasons for […]

Managing Emotions At Work

When dealing with people remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but you are dealing with creatures of emotion. It doesn’t matter what types of industry or organisations we work in, the reality is that people are people, and people are biologically programmed to experience emotions. Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash Strong emotional culture […]

Managing Employees with Severe Health Problems

One of the most difficult things HR has to do is to manage employees with severe health issues and/or injuries. In delicate situations such as these, employees must not be made to feel they are being victimised. Instead they must feel that the employer is trying to find the best solution for both the employee and […]

New Era of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement has been a hot topic for well over a decade. More and more organizations are acknowledging and attempting to “do” engagement, yet few have figured out how to move the needle in ways that matter. Some valid questions and concerns surrounding employee engagement include: What does employee engagement really mean? Are engagement measurements and […]

Protections at Work

All employees have protected workplace rights. These protected workplace rights include: Workplace right place Taking or taking part in industrial activity Belonging or not belonging to an industrial association Being free from discrimination Photo by Israel Andrade on Unsplash Employees can’t be treated differently or worse because they possess or have exercised a right, or […]

Understanding the difference between Bullying & Harassment

It’s tricky enough to differentiate between bullying & harassment.   As HR professionals it is imperative that we understand the differences and take the correct action to rectify the situation to address the issue to avoid a Fairwork claim. Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash So how do we differentiate between bullying and harassment?   […]