Mindset – collaborate, innovate, LEAD

By shifting your focus from one of fear, to one of resourcefulness and resilience, you start to tap into your genius to tackle any problem that gets in your way.
This is the time to be collaborating with other businesses, and creating more value for the customer than ever before.
By forming partnerships with non-competing businesses to create compelling online propositions, you can increase your value proposition, average basket size, and dramatically increase sales by leveraging and partnering with other brands. (any cheese and wine makers in the building?)
Photo by Jehyun Sung on Unsplash
Innovation is the ability to take an existing idea and turning it into a more useful form. Got an idea that you’ve always wanted to execute in your restaurant/retail store? Now is the time to do it!
Humans are incredibly resilient, and will adapt to challenges.
Have a look at some ways below:
· Online delivery – offer customers the ability to purchase your products/services online
· Product lines – diversify your product lines to adapt to the current circumstance
· Re-engineering current products and turning them into online sales – got some spare home-made Muesli that you use on your ‘Granola Special’? Why not re-package your home-made Muesli and sell it online?
· Social media – Got a following? Part of an online community with customers dying to support SMEs during current conditions? Leverage this opportunity to market your products, brands and online presence to your customers.