5 tips for preparing payroll during the Christmas period

The payroll procedure during the Christmas period is a little trickier than usual. But not to worry – these few tips should be able to get you sorted. Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash 1. Get a plan going It’s always best to sort out administrative issues ahead of time, especially when heading into holiday […]

Landmark Federal Court ruling decides that casual workers are entitled to paid leave

In a landmark ruling, the Federal Court decided that Robert Rossato, a casual mining worker employed by labour-hire firm WorkPac was entitled to paid leave. The decision could significantly affect payroll costs for many businesses. The judgement of the case decided that Rossato was entitled to annual, sick and carer’s leave. The reason for this […]

Are You Really Lodging That BAS? 3 Steps To Know If You Are Doing It Right

One of the most common questions I get asked is “Justin, do I have to go to a tax/BAS agent to lodge my Business Activity Statements (BAS)?” The short answer is no, you do not. However, the question remains, SHOULD you be lodging your own BAS? While it would save you some money in the […]

Hire a Bookkeeper or D.I.Y?

A make-or-buy decision is a common problem that businesses large and small have to solve. Small businesses have an even more difficult time deciding if it’s best to make or buy something, as they have limited resources in both time and money. Small businesses learn to make the most of the resources they have. As […]