Hospitality Award: what you need to know

Employers must pay hospitality workers their wage and other entitlements within 7 days of termination under changes made to the Hospitality Industry (General Award).
Modern Awards are important documents that outline the conditions of employment for both employers and employees to follow. They cover entitlements including pay rates, working hours, allowances and penalty rates.
These awards go through reviews every few years to ensure that the entitlements are adjusted fairly according to changes to the relevant industry or the wider economy.
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The Hospitality Industry (General) Award covers both employers and employees working in restaurants, cafes or hotels.
It went through a significant review in 2019, specifically in regards to an employee’s entitlement to be paid out at the end of employment.
The changes to this award state that an employee’s wage and other entitlements must be paid out in full within 7 days of termination of employment.
This change is important as it will ensure that employees get paid on time instead of having to chase their ex-employers for their entitlements.
If you are in the Hospitality Industry, be sure to visit Fair Work to know your entitlements as an employee or your obligations as an employer.
Workers that fall under the Hospitality Industry (General) Award should also bear in mind that the pay rates are usually amended every year on 1 July.
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