Case Study #4 – Kate (NDIS)

Meet Kate* 
Kate is a finance and accounting manager for an NGO that provides care for people with intellectual disabilities. It has been around for decades and has created a strong community.
The NGO strives to give their clients opportunities to live their lives independently and to have the option to work while also receiving care through therapeutic activities, day programs, and maintaining social connectivity with family, friends and the local community.
Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash
Kate’s Problem
The NGO has over 70 employees who are paid mostly on an hourly basis.
Kate has been struggling to manage her time spent doing repetitive administrative tasks such as organising complex rosters, taking into account clients’ requirements, going through employee leave requests, looking for last minute shift replacements, finalising timesheets, processing payroll, and preparing client invoices.
The introduction of the NDIS has made the situation even worse due to its strict conditions that require organisations to accurately report and upload documents to the NDIS portal. Business viability is now also dependent on the effectiveness of tracking your workforce.
These are stressful, frustrating and time consuming tasks, but it doesn’t have to be like this.
Kate is looking for a solution that will allow her and the team to focus on providing the highest quality of services for their clients while also staying compliant with NDIS legislation.
Kate’s Solution
After struggling for too long, Kate eventually decided to seek out outsourcing solutions and came to us at PAQ Group for help.
Ever since the decision to outsource, the organisation has been thriving thanks to the amount of freedom that comes with a hassle-free payroll solution.
Kate remarked that her “relationship with the payroll company was good, which made the outsourcing journey much easier”.
Her favourite aspect of outsourcing payroll is “having someone to walk you through the process from start to finish”. She explained that having this guidance “gave them a lot of confidence and got rid of the stress and frustration”.
The solution offered by payroll experts deals with the complexities that come with NDIS legislation such as allowances and holiday pay rates.
With outsourcing, the NGO can now reduce the time spent on payroll by 70% so that they can focus on delivering the highest quality of care around the clock whilst complying with NDIS legislation.
Benefits of outsourcing payroll services for NDIS organisations
1. Trust
Payroll officers of NDIS organisations must have a good understanding of NDIS requirements as well as an organisation’s specific structure.
Our clients put a lot of faith in us to get their payroll right, and we never let them down.
If you decide to come to us for payroll services, you can rest assured that you will receive high quality services.
2. Continuity
When an NGO’s payroll officer gets a new job, they will walk out the door with their knowledge and leave you to train a new hire.
Our payroll service ensures continuity in output speed and quality which won’t vary in accordance with vacations, illnesses or resignations.
3. Time saving
Time spent processing payroll is time that could have been spent on the primary functions of your business.
Some of our clients have saved several hours worth of time each month ever since they decided to outsource their payrolls to us, some even saving a full day’s worth of bookkeeping.
Outsourcing your payroll processing will give you more time that can be spent growing your business instead.
4. Avoid penalties and mistakes
Disability service providers frequently face hurdles in delivering their services due to the strict NDIS legislation that must be complied with.
Employment regulations and tax legislations are also highly complex and always subject to change, which makes it more difficult for businesses in this industry to steer clear of penalties.
Having a dedicated and knowledgeable bookkeeper to tend to your needs would be extremely useful in this situation to reduce the chances of making a mistake in areas you may not be familiar with.
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* Name has been changed for privacy purposes